Seduce Perfumes

Our seduce range of perfumes comes in two main varieties namely the premium class colognes packed in glass bottles inserted in cartons and the economy class deodorant perfumes packed in aerosol cans. The colognes are the highly concentrated trend for prime value seekers whilst the deodorants has the same beautiful fragrance at a lower concentration.

Feminine Range


Seduce Destiny

Seduce Destiny Cologne resembles a magical mix of classical sensuality, delicacy and warmth, a tune to eternal beauty that is yearned to be possessed by every woman. An attractive, exclusively feminine looking bottle brings an oriental-floral, warm and sensational value of being a woman.

Seduce Destiny is composed of intoxicating notes of opulent white flowers: gardenia, tuberose and jasmine. The combination of fragrance and packaging is incredibly exciting, leaving a lot of value to both fragrance sensation and your dressing display. Seduce Destiny is meant for the woman who balances her sensuality with her spirituality. Now that you hold Destiny in your hands, the future is yours.






Seduce Pleasure

Seduce Pleasure arouse the senses and inspire the soul with a fragrance that can be likened to a delicate bouquet of exquisite pink and white flowers. Soft, romantic and quietly compelling fragrance making it an all time suit fragrance and desirable for women who go for mildness in their wear.







Seduce Mirage

Seduce Mirage is made of predominantly floral fragrance notes with woody base notes making it the most desirable of women of combined  elegant and dignified  personality. The exclusively feminine looking bottle brings a sense of women charm and secrecy.






Seduce Panache Deodorant

Has a sensational, mild floral fragrance that lasts for a long time. The fragrance has some flat top notes which degenerates into sweet base notes which lasts for a day or more when applied. Its mildness makes it a conducive wear for those who are asthmatic and allergic to sharp fragrance notes.







Toni Deodorant Spray

Toni deodorant spray typifies a mild afro-summer breeze, providing a dignified touch to a professional woman and suitable for all year round wear. Some woody sharp notes are perfectly contrasted with some sweet fresh floral notes to yield a passionately feminine scent that last for all day long.







Seduce Beverly

Beverly has a romantic rich fruity – floral fragrance. Its feminine scent possesses a blend of exotic floral notes similar to gardenia, marigold, passionflower, blue rose and the cattley orchard, with a dry down of warm amber, musk and woods.





Masculine Range

Seduce Jazzy

Seduce Jazzy is a classic and clean-smelling, but with character. Its sharp freshness never overshadows the mint and floral touches which provide the surprisingly jazzy and tranquil aura beneath. Floral (feminine) notes contrast with the sharp woody (masculine) ones making seduce Jazzy cologne suitably for mildness loving man and a conducive office wear. The fragrance combination makes it friendly cologne that can be enjoyed all year round and which switches well into the office. Decently built transparent bottle preserves the character and Influence of professional men.

Seduce Pulse

A strong classic and utterly romantic, compelling, passionate signature fragrance ideal for men of vigor and who prefer to be noticed. Most ideal for casual wear and can sound a lot formal when mildly applied. The woody and spicy fragrance combinations give a sharp irresistible fragrance that makes the cologne exclusively masculine. Packed in a lucratively designed maroon bottle with a unique black collar and thus imparts design to your dressing table.

Seduce Aqua Blue

Seduce Aqua Blue is a resolutely modern men’s cologne/deodorant. This cologne characterized by its transparency, its contemporary expression of masculinity, and its serene aromatic aura of herbs, woods and marine notes.  Its marine blue and white colours have tapped into our collective unconscious, making it the epitome of the fresh, watery, exhilarating cologne for all day application, casual and formal wearing.