Elegance Petroleum Jelly

Elegance Petroleum Jelly has been developed to lock-in moisture, to give skin an outstanding, resilient and smooth texture.

Elegance Original Petroleum Jelly
Elegance original petroleum jelly pure petrolatum that is developed to lock-in moisture, to give skin an outstanding, resilient and a smooth texture.
It is petroleum jelly originally developed to be ORIGINAL in all respects

Elegance Perfumed Petroleum Jelly.
Elegance perfumed petroleum jelly is made from the finest Fragrance and Purified petroleum jelly for an unmistakably smooth and hydrated skin.
When applied, Elegance perfumed Petroleum Jelly smoothes and perfumes your body for the whole day long.

Elegance Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly
Elegance Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly is imparted with a pleasant cocoa fragrance and a mild chocolate aroma fused in premium grade petroleum jelly. It is an ultimate skin companion that moisturizes your skin to a lasting glow leaving it visibly healthy.

Elegance Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly.
Elegance Aloe Vera petroleum jelly brings with it some inherent wonder benefits of Aloe Vera on the skin. Protects your skin from sunburn. It is a powerful Moisturizer and anti-irritant which ultimately provides a naturally fresh Aloe Vera feel on your skin.

Elegance Baby Joy Gentle Relaxing
Elegance Baby Joy Gentle relaxing Jelly is scented with a lasting and inviting fragrance that makes your baby adorable for the whole day.
It prevents your baby from nappy rash, skin chap and cracking. The Sweet scent refreshes and relaxes the baby for day and night.

Elegance Baby Joy Soft Scented Petroleum Jelly.
Understanding your baby’s soft and delicate skin, elegance baby joy scented has been prepared to a sweet smelling petroleum jelly that make every after bath memorable and delightful one. While persevering your adorable baby’s skin against cold, rush and dryness. Elegance Baby joy scented petroleum jelly is every baby’s joy and always leaves your baby with an effervescent joy.

Elegance Camphor Petroleum Jelly.
Whilst preserving the desirable oiliness of the skin, Elegance Camphor Petroleum Jelly provides a mild cooling and soothing effect to your skin.
Elegance Camphor petroleum jelly is a perfect companion in fighting dryness, chapping, sore hands, elbows, legs, cracked heels and any other dry skin problem areas.

Elegance Baby Joy Tender Nourishing(Unscented)
Elegance Tender Nourishing petroleum Jelly is pure petroleum jelly, made without any additives and thus ideal for babies with highly sensitive and allergic skin. Prevents baby from nappy rash, skin chapping, and cracking.